Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Oasis Eau de Parfum

Blooming & lush. A heady mix of big, white florals and fresh greens.
Transport yourself to a blooming secret garden. A trio of heady, white florals—tuberose, camellia, and orange flower—come together in a creamy, exotic bouquet. Balanced by a hint of bright citrus at the top and layered on a foundation of succulent greens and earthy woods, this big, white floral is the luxurious, private escape you deserve.
From the Perfumer
“There is something inherently beautiful about the wild, raw and unfiltered beauty of nature. The magic of sunlight striking the open, vulnerable velvet petals of a fragrant tuberose flower and willing it to exhale its stunning scent into the air.
I wanted to capture this lush moment in time, calling to mind all of the key elements through fragrance: the warm, golden light, an intoxicating floral essence, fresh air and succulent greens, sun-struck skin. The result is an irresistible oasis in a bottle” — Master Perfumer, Stephan Nilsen
Ingredient Spotlight
TUBEROSE BLANCHE: Sustainably sourced from India, this intoxicating white flower has a plush, velvety quality.
CAMELLIA: These miniature white evergreen buds offer a delicate, soft, sheer floralcy.
ORANGE FLOWER: This snowy bloom offers a luminous, fresh floral scent with lush green nuances and honeyed sweetness.
The Fragrance Collection:
EAU DE PARFUM, 1.7 oz. $59.99, 3.4 oz. $79.95
FINE FRAGRANCE MIST, 2.5 oz. $15, 8.4 oz. $25



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Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Oasis
Very Sexy Oasis Eau de Parfum
Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Oasis
Very Sexy Oasis Fragrance Collection

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Oasis
Very Sexy Oasis Eau de Parfum