Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023

Victoria’s Secret Reimagines Their Iconic Fashion Show With A New Generation Of Women From Around The World
Presented as a feature length film, it will unite fashion, film, art and culture featuring dynamic global creatives, top supermodels, musical talent and more.
Today, Victoria’s Secret announces The Victoria’s Secret World Tour, reaffirming the brand’s ongoing commitment to champion women’s voices, perspectives and experiences. The reimagined show will center on emerging global trailblazers from a range of artistic disciplines, creating on their own terms.
The film will take audiences on a journey through the behind-the-scenes craft and intimate stories of the VS20 – a group of 20 innovative global creatives who will conceive four fashion curations from the vibrant cities of Bogota, Lagos, London and Tokyo. With the creative freedom to conceptualize, produce and stage a collection that is all their own, the dynamic artistic forces from the fashion, film, design, music and visual fields will converge to showcase their work alongside iconic custom Victoria’s Secret designs.
“This film is the ultimate expression of the Victoria’s Secret brand transformation. It will be driven by fashion, glamour and entertainment with a nod to beloved iconography from the past but in a bold, redefined way. We are so honored to offer our platform and have it explored through the lens and artistry of global creatives who celebrate the individuality of women’s stories and perspectives,” said Raúl Martinez, EVP and Head Creative Director at Victoria’s Secret.
Presented by Victoria’s Secret, executive produced by Sunshine, produced by Pulse Films, the feature will be creative directed by PARTEL OLIVA, with film direction by Lola Raban-Oliva, Cristina Sanchez, Korty, Margot Bowman, Umi Ishihara, styling in partnership with Camilla Nickerson, cinematography by Ari Wegner, production design by Joseph Bennett and post-production by the recent Academy Award winning Parallax.
“We are excited to introduce a completely reimagined version of the fashion show, while bringing back the very best of entertainment and fashion our customers have been asking for. We’re celebrating the iconic heritage of the brand through a new generation of artists, and we can’t wait to amplify their vision through our worldwide platform,” said Chris Rupp, Chief Customer Officer at Victoria’s Secret & Co.
The reimagined show will be streamed internationally and culminate in a live fashion event this fall.

Introducing the VS20

The global creatives featured within the VS20 include:

• BOGOTA: Melissa Valdes – Fashion Designer, Cristina Sánchez Salamanca – Filmmaker,
Lorena Torres – Painter, Piscis – Dancer & Choreographer, Goyo – Musician
• LAGOS: Bubu Ogisi – Fashion Designer, Korty – Filmmaker, Eloghosa Osunde – Artist,
Ashley Okoli – Artist, Wavy The Creator – Multifaceted Creative
• LONDON: Supriya Lele – Creative Director & Designer, Margot Bowman – Filmmaker,
Ebun Sodipo – Artist & Writer, Michaela Stark – Lingerie Designer & Artist, Phoebe Collings – Artist
• TOKYO: Jenny Fax – Fashion Designer, Umi Ishihara – Filmmaker, Kaito Itsuki – Painter,
Aoi Yamada – Body Artist, Kom-I – Artist



Available at Victoria’s Secret stores nationwide and Online.
Also available in select international stores and online.

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Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023

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Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023
LAGOS: Bubu Ogisi – Fashion Designer
Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023
TOKYO: Kom-I – Artist
Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023
LAGOS: Ashley Okoli – Artist